Cover Reveal~ Tripped by Jacob Chance

Title: Tripped Series: Boston Terriers Hockey Author: Jacob Chance Genre: Sports Romance Trope: Second Chance Romance Standalone Release Date: July 9, 2021 Cover Design: Sybil Wilson/Popkitty Design

Eight hundred and eighty days. That’s how long it’s been since my no good ex broke my heart. And I was doing just fine without him.

But now, with both of us playing hockey for Boston University and running in the same circles, I can’t seem to avoid him—no matter how hard I try.

And boy do I try.

It seems my former boyfriend is cockier than ever—if that’s even possible. He thinks by aiming his crooked, dimpled smile my way, all the pain he caused will be forgotten.

Not a chance.

No longer the same naive girl, it’ll take more than striking good looks and flirty banter to trip up my plans for the future.

I’ve got goals, and giving Donovan Archer a second chance with my heart isn’t one of them.

Jacob Chance is a New Englander. Born and raised in Massachusetts, he still lives there today. He is a bestselling author of twenty-seven novels, writing romantic suspense, romantic comedies, and sports romance. He is also half of the male-female writing duo, Remy Blake, who write short, steamy stories with insta love/lust and a side of taboo.

Jacob is a huge football fan, especially of the New England Patriots. He is also a martial artist and self-proclaimed practical joker.
When not writing or working his day job, Jacob enjoys reading, hanging out at the beach, and eating as much bacon as he can.



Daughters of the Sea by HR Mason

Author:HR MasonTitle: Daughters of the Sea Genre: Supernatural Suspense Release Date: May 22, 2021 Publisher:Tangled Tree PublishingCover Designer:BookSmith Design
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A family tree steeped in mystery. A new town filled with old secrets. One woman is determined to uncover the truth about her past, but Everwine Manor won’t easily give up the truth.  
Runa Brandon is naïve and uncertain, and she has been taken advantage of more than once. After disentangling herself from an abusive relationship, Runa begins a new life in Departure Cove, Oregon. Her mother, Asta, believes Departure Cove holds too many secrets that are better left buried, including the identity of Runa’s father.  
When Runa arrives in Departure Cove, strange things begin to happen. She experiences frightening visions, disturbing dreams, and unexplained physical changes. Then Runa meets Chase Everwine, a wealthy, mysterious man who pursues Runa with a passion that sweeps her off her feet.  
Runa falls hard for Chase, in spite of Asta’s warnings that his family cannot be trusted. Secrets and puzzles follow in Chase’s wake, and when Runa sees his family’s estate, Everwine Manor, she feels drawn to it. She doesn’t understand why the house calls to her but is compelled to find out. 
What Runa doesn’t know is that she is part of a long line of women, blessed with inexplicable gifts, and drawn to the power of the sea. As Runa uncovers the astounding secrets of her family tree, she also comes to realize there is more to her husband than meets the eye. 

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“I will not leave you, Mother. I must stay.” Helga cried as she gripped her mother’s hand.   
“Take this. It is your legacy. It will keep you safe.” Else removed the Ansuz rune necklace from her own neck and placed it around Helga’s. 
“I can’t leave you,” Helga sobbed as she fondled the pendant with her fingers.  
“I’m not long for this world. You must go.” Else’s beautiful blue eyes were wild with determination. “Do you have it?” 
“The book?” 
“Yes. That book is all we have left. Guard it with your life.” 
“Why is the book so important, Mother?”  
“It tells our story. You will add yours to its pages. Continue our legacy.” 
“Yes, Mother,” Helga nodded as she sobbed.  
“My blessed daughter, I am at peace because you will survive.” 
“How can you be sure? Have you seen it in a vision?”  
“I have seen it clearly,” Else answered with a smile.  
“Where will I go?” 
“That I have not seen. But one thing I know for certain— no matter where you go, you will always be min datter av havet.” 
“Your daughter of the sea,” Helga repeated.

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Heidi Renee Mason is an Ohio girl transplanted into the Pacific Northwest. She is a homeschooling mom of three daughters, wife of one mailman, and a people-watching introvert who can be found hiding in the nearest corner.

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