Romance Author & Reader Events – Edinburgh 2016


Romance Author & Reader events are returning to Edinburgh in July 2016.

What? RARE is an awesome opportunity to meet book minded people like you! (Rose met Vicki and Emma at RARE 14!) With over 55 NYT best selling authors (including Tillie Cole, C.J Roberts and S.C Stephens) attending, its your chance for a massive fangirl, to pick up some swag and get some pretty signed shinies for your shelves!

Where? Edinburgh, Scotland. The EICC to be exact.. There is an after party (not all authors will be in attendance) in the same venue. There is also a registration event too (free tickets must be allocated through eventbrite) taking place at the Shanghai Club

When? July 9th 2016. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite, see the links page.

Why? Well if you need to ask then maybe RARE isn’t for you…

The four of us Rockettes will be in attendance (we’ll have T-shirts, so you can’t miss us!) feel free to come say hello!


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