Shield My Heart (Heaven Hill Book 9)





Dalton and Mandy get their turn……

Book 9 in the Heaven Hill Series can be read as a standalone

Mother to be

The Heaven Hill MC has always been a safe place for Mandy Walker. Since being adopted by their President, she and her twin brother have been able to count on them for anything. The ragtag group of men and the women who love them became the family the twins never had.

Having grown up under their protection, she’s finding it hard not to run to them with the problems she has now. One reckless night with her love of more than ten years resulted in one positive pregnancy test.

The problem?

Mandy is faced with a dilemma she never thought she’d fall victim to. Being a single mother, just like her mom was until Liam Walker came into their lives.

Best Friend
Member of the Heaven Hill MC
Terrified of not breaking the cycle of his childhood

Dalton Barnett knew the moment he kissed Mandy’s lips as a teenager that she was the only one for him. Taking her for granted has been easy because she’s always been there. She’s the only person who’s ever given love to him unconditionally.

When a calculated attack devastates Heaven Hill, Dalton, Mandy, and their unborn child are at the epicenter. Dalton must make decisions to keep his small family safe. Before anything worse can happen, he knows he must shield their hearts.




“Amanda Walker was the only woman he’d ever been with,the only woman he’d ever loved,and the only person he’d every truly let into his heart”

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
As a fan of the Heaven Hill MC Series,I was excited to read Mandy and Dalton’s story-from previous books,they have been ‘together’ since teenager’s and now 10 years into their lives the relationship is starting to suffer,mostly down to how Dalton is dealing with it(or not).
Mandy is pregnant,and Dalton’s own fears/insecurities that all come from his childhood issues(parents not the greatest-his Uncle takes on him and his brother) he feels he is not worthy of Mandy or their unborn child.(foolish man!)
Just to add to that,his Uncle’s gambling problem,has resulted in unwanted attention from a character who poses a threat to not only them but the Heaven Hill Club itself! Dalton,thinking he can keep both Mandy and the Club safe,does what he thinks is the right thing to do-and pulls away from them.Everyone in the club knows something is up with both Mandy and Dalton,friendships are tested,the ‘threat’ does affect the club but,thankfully,it is resolved,and in turn Dalton comes to his sense’s and gets his head out of his a** and get the HEA that he and Mandy deserve!

“Everything has been for you” (Dalton)

When reading this,right from the dedication,I felt it an emotional read,the Heaven Hill family have become a favorite,and I am looking forward to the Heaven Hill Christmas,and the next generation (all about the kids)-esp Tatum/Remy😉

Reviewed for Rock Hard Romance by Vicki RHR 5/5

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All the Rage by T.M. Frazier 4.5*




They call me Rage.
My real name is like a shadow, always close behind, but never quite able to catch up.
I fly under the radar because no one ever suspects I’m capable of the kind of brutal violence I commit each and every day.
You see, I’m a girl. I’m nineteen.
And I’m a killer.
This life is all I know. It’s all I want to know. It keeps the s**t buried that I need kept buried. It allows me to live without thinking too much.
Without dwelling on the past.
Until him.
It all changes when an ordinary boy becomes my next target.
And my first love.
I have to choose.
The only life I’ve ever known has to die, or he does.
Either way, I’ll be the one pulling the trigger…

All the Rage is a STANDALONE

4.5* RHR Read

*I kindly received an Arc in exchange for an honest review*

“The only thing Nolan Archer would need saving from…was me.”

As a big fan of Ms Frazier, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. Rage was introduced to us in Soulless and I was immediately intrigued by her quirky personality.

For Rage is a very complex character who lacks empathy for others. She is also menacingly unstable, sadistic and surprisingly likeable given her job description, however, everything she thinks she knows about herself is brought into question when she meets the complicated Nolan Archer.

The chemistry between them is evident and Nolan immediately sets out to prove to a reluctant Rage exactly where she belongs…with him.

Although this book was a little slower to get into than her previous offerings, things eventually do heat up and explode in typical T. M. fashion and there are plenty trademark ‘WTF’ moments to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

For me this book only just fell short of the five stars I usually find myself giving this author but it by no means packs any less of a punch than other books in her back catalogue. I will no doubt be picking it up again in the near future for a reread while I’m waiting on the book that all of her fan’s are desperate for.

Shaz x

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Elysium by J.J. Harper

Elysium (Reunion, #3)




‘I haven’t met someone and fallen in love,I’ve gotten the only man I ever loved back after 10 damn long years,I’ve got my man back‘ (Nico)

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review,having read the previous two books ,I was interested in seeing how Ryan and Nico’s story would go and if they would get their HEA.

This picks up from where ‘Reunited’ finished,Ryan and Nico have returned to where Nico lived.Troy is as ever the ‘Diva’ and is happy for Nico to have ‘his man’ back in his life. There is drama in the form of Lyle (Nico’s ex-well one night stand really),which leads to slight misunderstanding/insecurities coming to light from Ryan’s perspective-which does get resolved fairly quickly-I did feel that throughout the story,Ryan and Nico were ‘at it like rabbits! this book does have a fair bit of very explicit sex scenes-and yes they were HOT,but for me,perhaps one too many,however,it didn’t put me off reading as the character’s are likeable and you do get the feeling that after all the time apart,its simply making up for those years without each other.

Now there is also the matter of a secret from Ryan’s past which does add to the storyline,and from about 75% onwards this comes to light and Ryan has to deal with the situation-there are other characters introduced which are from another series by this author(and as a result I am interested in reading their stories-yet more to add to my TBR list!)
I don’t want to give all that much more as regards to the past of Ryan,as if I did it would give way too much away.

I did enjoy the Epilogue,as it does end well for both Ryan and Nico,and the series as a whole is one that I would and will read again,and that is all down to the writing.

‘You are my heaven,Nico,my nirvana,my Elysium’(Ryan)

Reviewed for RHR by Vicki-RHR Rating 4/5*

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Billionaire Undaunted – Book Nine,The Billionaire’s Obsession Series
My name is Ellie Winters, and I’m one of those unfortunate women you
hear about on the news—but you never think my fate will ever happen to
you. Not that I blame you for believing that. Honestly, I thought the
same thing, until I became a statistic, a missing person who was assumed
dead. Wrong place, wrong time.

Except…I’m not dead. Not yet. I was kidnapped, shackled, beaten,
and deprived of the basic necessities, and pretty much left to find a
slow, painful demise. I’m hanging on, but just barely. I’m not even
sure what I’m waiting for since there’s no hope for me, nobody waiting
for me. I had finally given up, resigned myself to my inevitable
death…when the one man who could make me want to live again finds me
more dead than alive. After so many months in captivity, I’m lost,
hopelessly damaged. Is it even possible for me to come out of the
darkness and into the light again?

Zane Colter challenges me to live again, laugh again, live my life
again. But I’m not sure if I’ll ever be the same woman I was before I
was held captive by a madman. Yet, he doesn’t give up, and I couldn’t
ignore the white-hot passion that sizzled between the two of us.

He’s everything I’ve ever wanted, everything I’ve always needed.

Tender–but stubborn.

Logical–but understanding.

Sweet–but hot, demanding and possessive.

As we fall into each other, both hungry for a passion we’ve never
known, I wonder if I can be what Zane needs when I’m struggling to find
myself again.

And when I’m finally healed, I’ll have a choice to make: Do I try
to hang onto him forever, or will letting go be my only option?…Disclaimer: This book is not suitable for children and young teens. 18+ only.

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This complete collection of The Billionaire’s Obsession includes:
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Mine For Now
Mine Forever
Mine Completely
Heart Of The Billionaire (Book Two)


The Billionaire Salvation (Book Three)

The Billionaire’s Game (Book Four)


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Billionaire Unknown: The Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Blake

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Scott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of steamy
romance. She’s an avid reader of all types of books and literature.
Writing what she loves to read, J.S. Scott writes both contemporary
steamy romance stories and paranormal romance erotics. They almost
always feature an Alpha Male and have a happily ever after because she
just can’t seem to write them any other way!





Je Suis a Toi by Pepper Winters (5*)




“Life taught me an eternal love will demand the worst sacrifices. A transcendent love will split your soul, cleaving you into pieces. A love this strong doesn’t grant you sweetness—it grants you pain. And in that pain is the greatest pleasure of all.”

Q made me the happiest esclave in the world. He gave me his heart, his empire, his ruthless unforgiving love. And life finally left us in peace.

A man like my maître has special needs though, growing stronger as our lives intertwine. The only way to survive his monster is to agree to all his desires.

Including his latest wish.

I’m his.

And I won’t refuse

je suis a toi live

I kindly received an Arc in exchange for an honest review
Opening up this book was like visiting old friends. Pepper seamlessly picks up these characters as if she has never left them and maybe she hasn’t. Being my first dark read, they certainly have stayed with me and the Monsters in the Dark trilogy is one of my ‘go to’ series when I get some downtime of my own.
I loved Tess and her feistiness in this one and her utter honesty of what she needed from their relationship. Tess had a horrendous few years but at no time has she ever tried to justify her needs and desires or put it down to her past suffering. She is not a victim and she owns her sexuality.
I also loved Q. He was so grumpy at times but you can’t help but smile at his inability to say no to Tess and his futile attempts at a ‘vanilla’ relationship.
I personally think this novella (probably a full length to some but not Pepper:) tied up the series perfectly and once again I am sorry to say goodbye to these two characters. Oh and did I mention it’s hot like super red hot chilly hot😉 If you love your dark reads and don’t mind a little SM with your B&D then go one click ….

Rockette Rating – 5 stars

Shaz x

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Back To The Beginning:A Duet by Laramie Briscoe & Seraphina Donavan





An ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

As a fan of the Heaven Hill MC Series,I was especially excited to read this,and also being introduced to another author and series.
Both Novellas are written in such a way that if you were not familiar with these author’s work,you could easily follow the stories along,and entice you to read more!

“Back to Basics-A Heaven Hill Novella”

‘Nothing in this world means more to me than you and our life together.If we need to fix it we will’

This features Liam and Denise Walker,the MC’s President and his ‘old lady’,set four years into their marriage,with daughter Tatum just turned three and Denise’s twins seventeen.With the Club commitments,and family-Liam and Denise’s intimacy/closeness had suffered,so the concept is for them to re-connect without interuptions (cue road trip minus their kids) Once on their way,the temperature rises,with some well written scenes allowing the Alpha male to re-claim his woman! I felt them re-connect and get ‘Back to Basics’.
What was also a nice added touch,was a cameo appearance of another of Laramie’s creations-‘Sketch'(the Tattooist, along with his wife Nina) who provides Liam with more ink!

I loved this novella,and for seasoned Heaven Hill fans it is an added bonus.

“Remembered”- A Duchamps Dynasty Novella
‘We will always be ok,because no matter what happens,I’ll never let you go’

This Novella,I was going in to blind,as I have not read this author/series before.Although I knew nothing of what had happened previously,the writing was such that I could follow easily and as a result I am interested in reading the series.

Vincent and Ophelia are two years into their marriage with a thirteen month old daughter.From the start,we discover a plot of revenge against them,with the drama unfolding quickly,Ophelia’s own insecurities of why Vincent is with her come to a head,but thankfully all is resolved and the culprit dealt with.Again,the scenes of intimacy between husband and wife are well written and for over 18!

I congratulate both Laramie and Seraphina in this ‘Duet’-bringing favourite characters back to existing fans,and adding new ones.

Reviewed for RHR by Vicki RHR Rating 5/5

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Showmance- LH Cosway


 Showmance_L.H. Cosway_Cover



Damon Atwood was Hollywood’s golden boy. Having won an Oscar at the tender age of thirteen, he had the life many could only dream about. But his success came at a price, and after a short but fruitful film career, he chose to live a life of obscurity on a remote Scottish island. Almost a decade later he’s finally ready to make his return, starting with a lead role in a musical on London’s West End.

As a choreographer’s assistant, Rose Taylor has always faded into the background. She watches shows come to life from the side lines, but has never craved the attention of stardom. When rumours begin circulating of Damon’s involvement in her latest gig, she doesn’t predict how she will be thrust into the limelight, nor how the mysterious and strangely introverted man will need her to teach him how to be a star again.

Rose knows that show crushes don’t last. Actors fall for each other during the intensity of a production, often losing themselves in their roles. These kinds of affairs burn bright and then they fade. The question is, should Rose let herself shine with Damon, or guard her heart from being broken after the final curtain call?

I love LH Cosway’s writing, her style is so unique and perfectly her.

Showmance is no different to the rest. We meet Rose and Damon and instantly fall in love with them. Rose is epically awesome. She is a dance choreographer for the Moulin Rouge Broadway. Damon is cast as Christian (Trust me he blows Ewan out the water)  But Damon hasn’t acted in years, He’s been living a normal life away from the limelight in Skye (I feel I should drive up and hunt him down) He has his reasons for keeping out the limelight and also coming back.



Not to go in to too much detail as this is a story you all need to discover.

Rose is heartbroken after breaking up with yet another actor, She swears off them, enter Damon😉 There are so many bumps along the way.  When reading I entered the Moulin Rouge, I felt I was right there beside them like the little voyeur I am. There is one scene where they sing Roxanne, the lead up and come down from it had me on the edge of my seat gripping my kindle for dear life. I had Goosebumps, I swear I could hear Damon’s voice singing it in my head.


The journey Rose and Damon go on is damn right perfect. There are bumps in the roads those of course being of the boob and bulge variety.  

I can’t recommend this book enough, If you haven’t read any LH Cosway then this would be a great start point, then you’ll have to work your way through her back catalogue which is just as amazing. I sneak read this story at work, can you see me hiding in the toilets😀



A 5* epic must read. Also check out the Spotify playlist its fab.


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Enrapture: Noah Series by Pierce Smith

30067370.jpgOn their first Halloween eve, together things didn’t quite go as planned for two very passionate and horny men. Noah waits anxiously and impatiently for Ethan to get home from work to start their night of sexy fun. Noah discovers a man is watching him through the window across the street. When Ethan phones to let him know he’s caught in traffic, the fun starts with phone sex. Shortly after, a masked Ethan arrives for the Halloween night of fun. But a knock at the door later has left Noah wondering who he just made love to.
They find themselves dealing with a few twists in this debut book of an erotic M/M series. It’s one night tale with twist and turns, with lust wrapped in suspicion. A hot read will be having you beg for more.

This is a joint effort as we both kindly received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review! 

I really don’t know what to say about this story! I was confused as to what was going on-of course the book blurb pretty much sets the scene for the idea,which would entice the reader to find out,however, for me,there were a few issues that I struggled with and it did make me question whether I would continue reading-the story itself didn’t seem to flow as well as some other’s that I have read,the lack of format(i.e no defining chapter’s) makes me wonder if there was an editor involved the process? While I have enjoyed reading many in the M/M genre,I feel that this tale-yes is an erotic vision…extremely for the most part-lacks in substance (but perhaps that is my own preference due to previous books that I have read.)

That being said,I did persevere with it till the ‘cliffhanger’ ending,and in all honesty I will interested to see where the story goes from that!


Enrapture is the first part of a short extremely erotic m/m romance which is set on the one night of the year where darkness is celebrated and magic and mystery are embraced. There is no build up to the story, it simply starts in the middle of a scene and it is up to the reader to determine what is actually going on and whether this is a paranormal romance or not remains to be seen. There is more I would like to say on this but I don’t want to give too much away.

The story itself is rather confusing. A deliberate attempt by the Author to mislead the reader?? Well this remains to be seen. For instance, for the most part we are unsure whether or not Noah is talking to himself or communicating with a voice inside his head and although I enjoyed the initial concept of the story I found myself rereading parts to figure out what exactly was going on. I think this is due to the limited proof reading and level of editing involved and unfortunately it does encroach on the enjoyment of the story as I was unable to work past some of the misleading sentence structure.

I am aware this is the Author’s first published work, however and that English is possibly not his first language and I applause him for delving straight into the thick of it. It was a bold move which I hope pays off for him in the future as he gains more experience in the world of self-publishing.

Again, like Vicki said, it will be interesting to see what happens in Part Two of the Enrapture Series and find out where Pierce plans to take the story.

RHR Rating 3/5

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A Perfect Chance by Becca Lee


Chasing a ghost is easy. It’s finding yourself that’s the real challenge.

Drowning in darkness, Mace struggles to move on from a past filled with sorrow. Anger is a much easier emotion to handle, one he readily embraces. Burying himself in his work and spending his nights with his brotherhood of bikers, Mace is determined to spend his life playing by his own rules.

Plagued by her own guilt, Lena desires nothing more than to break free from her past and to start afresh. But fear and anxiety threaten to keep her hostage, leaving her frustrated and stifled. The last thing she expects is another brooding man to be her possible way out.

While Lena is determined to fight for her future outside of the Deadwood MC, Mace is resolute to avoid any hope of happiness. Together, they have to decide what they’re willing to risk for the perfect chance.

Perfect #3 – Can be read as a standalone

*I kindly received an Arc in exchange for an honest review*

4 Rockette Stars

A Perfect Chance is a fast paced sexy MC story following Mace and Lena. I understand that these characters have been introduced in earlier books in the series and when I get a chance of my own, I’ll be going back to read the rest as I really enjoyed Becca’s writing.

I have always been a fan of motorcycle stories and once you find a series you love it is difficult not to compare it to others but this book holds it’s own and the characters are very relatable.

After Mace is entrusted with Lena’s protection. He has no choice but to spend time with the haunted woman he thought was off limits. Lena is unsurprisingly suffering from a severe case of PTSD following a traumatic event in her past and as such she has been leading a very sheltered existence. Mace has his own demons to deal with but cant help to be drawn to her and they eventually give in to their attraction for one another. Unfortunately neither of them seem to be able to move forward with their pasts hanging over them.

But we all know the past doesn’t stay where it belongs and it’s not long before Mace is confronted with his while fighting to protect the woman he loves. This story moves at a good pace and I was very frustrated when I had to put it down.

If you like hot alpha males and need a fix of some bad ass bikers you won’t be disappointed in picking up this book and although it can be read as a standalone I would suggest starting at the beginning of the series.

All in all a very enjoyable read I would recommend to others who enjoy this genre.

Shaz x


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Falling Completely (Starling Falls #1) by Aidan Willows (4*)



Falling in love is not for me. I don’t do relationships, they never end well.
I don’t believe in fate, soul mates or happy, fairy tale endings. I’m definitely not a sweet little princess in search of her prince.
I have a plan to follow and falling in love is not part of that plan.
Nothing is going to change my mind.
Not even a domineering, gorgeous, blue-eyed firefighter who seems to be everywhere I go.


The moment I saw her, I knew.
I knew the funny, curvy, raven haired beauty was supposed to be mine.
She may not agree with me at the moment, but I’m a patient man.
I’m not afraid to play dirty to get what I want.
And I want Maliya Abbott.

When her sister decides to move from London, across the Atlantic Ocean to Starling Falls to run an estranged relative’s bakery, Maliya Abbott is pretty sure her sister has lost her ever-loving mind.

Not wanting to be separated from the only family she has left, Maliya goes with her, a move that was only supposed to last a year. After all, training to be a doctor at the same University her parents did had always been her goal.
What she hadn’t planned on, was meeting Caleb Jameson. A man who is adamant they are destined to be together. That would be great, if she actually believed in any of that crap.

She also hadn’t planned on his insane, lovable, meddling family trying to derail her plans.

Maliya is a smart girl. She knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want. She definitely wants to go to Oxford University and train to become a doctor. She definitely does NOT want anything to do with Caleb Jameson.

Now, if only she could get her stupid heart to listen to her head.

*I was given a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*

For a debut story,it had elements that I really enjoyed,and I got into it fairly quickly.I feel,though that I need to point out that,had I been trailing Amazon looking for a new read,I probably would’ve passed by this tale on the account of the book cover-for me,it does nothing for the actual story,when you read the book blurb-However,on reading the story itself(which I have done a couple of times) I got invested in the character’s-both leads ‘inner thoughts’ were often amusing,resulting in a few laugh out loud moments.There are quite a few side character’s introduced which might be slightly confusing,and I can only assume that as the series continues,they will come into their own.

I’m not going to go into great detail as it would spoil it for those who’ve not read it,but,it does flow quite well, Dual POV,HOT when it needs to be,funny,a good Epilogue,and I would continue reading more from this series in the future.

Reviewed by Vicki for Rock Hard Romance-RHR RATING 4/5

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