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We Are One
What can I do?
Haven’t we all asked that question?
What can I do to help these people in need as fire destroys our beautiful
With big celebs donating money we could never match, which we are SO incredibly
grateful for, we wonder how our little donations can make a difference? But
they can. Every SINGLE cent makes a difference. Every person makes a
difference. Everyone coming together MAKES a difference. 
So, I decided to make a difference. I wanted to give back. I wanted to
What I never expected was the incredible support my fellow Australian authors
would give me. These utterly BEAUTIFUL women all came forward and happily threw
themselves into my cause. They wanted to help. They had lived the pain. Cried
the tears. Seen the destruction. They, my friends, are angels. 
So, there you have it. This is how we’re helping our country. 
Today, Australia Day, we are so proud to be releasing not one but TWO
incredible anthologies into the public. Volume One is available on ALL platforms
(Nook, Apple Books, Amazon, Kobo etc) and Volume Two is exclusive to Amazon and FREE in Kindle
Unlimited. We wanted to open it up to EVERYONE. 
Two incredible editions, full of amazing books, for the price of $3.99. That
money you spend will go directly into helping two incredible charities that
need our money the most right now. Your purchase will go towards saving things
that are so utterly broken right now. We need to heal our country. We need to
heal what’s broken. 
VOLUME ONE will go in full to HIVE AID. Bees are everything, you guys, and
they’re being destroyed. Without them, there is no us, they need our help
VOLUME TWO will go in full to WIRES – Australian Wildlife Rescue Organization


Our native flora and fauna need us, and we’ve decided to give to them. 


The most important part, is me giving a shout out to the incredible people who
have graciously helped us without question. Who have given their time to us
without hesitation.
For this ABSOLUTELY amazing cover, I give full thanks to Ben Ellis from
Tall Story Designs. He has worked with us to give us the most beautiful cover I
could ever imagine. Ben, thank you, no words can express how grateful we are.
Please, go and give him your support –


To Give Me Books for creating a release blitz for us, to spread the word and
help us get as much as we possibly can for these incredible charities, I thank
you from the bottom of my heart. You have stepped forward and jumped in without
question. You’re a true part of this book community. Please, go and give them
your support –



And, to my UTTERLY gorgeous AUTHORS that came forward and gave their work to
this, who jumped in without thought or question, I am forever thankful for your
help!! You know how much this means to our country, and you’re all true angels.
I wish we could have gotten every Aussie author in this anthology but
unfortunately that just wasn’t possible, but I know, I KNOW, they are all
supporting this country with their whole hearts ❤ 



Ella Fields, Lili Saint Germain, TJ Hamilton, Max Henry, Nina
Levine, Lauren McKellar, Lila Rose, TL Smith, Len Webster, Rachel
Brookes, KM Golland, Carmen Jenner, Lesley Jones, Kate McCarthy, Kate
Sterritt, Eden Summers, Pepper Winters & Kasey

Thank you,
Bella Jewel x
Title: We Are One: Volume One

Authors: Ella Fields, Lili St. Germain, TJ Hamilton,

Max Henry, Nina Levine, Lauren K. McKellar,

Lila Rose, T.L. Smith, & Len Webster

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 26, 2020
Volume One
Nine amazing authors come together in this incredible
anthology. All proceeds will go towards those in need during the Australian
Bushfire Crisis currently affecting Australia.

In this limited edition you’ll receive 9 full length novels from the following
incredible authors:

Lili St Germain – Gun Shy

Ella Fields – Suddenly Forbidden

TJ Hamilton – Defending Pacer

Max Henry – Echoes in the Storm

Nina Levine – Steal my Breath

Lauren K. McKellar – The Twenty One

Lila Rose – Fumbled Love

T.L. Smith – Kandiland

Len Webster – The First Touch Of Sunlight

All content is recommended for adults over the age of 18+

Custom flatlays provided by She Who Breathes, Reads

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Title: We Are One: Volume Two

Authors: Rachel Brookes, K.M. Golland,

Carmen Jenner, Bella Jewel, Lesley Jones,

Kate McCarthy, Kasey Millstead, Kate Sterritt,

Eden Summers, & Pepper Winters

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: January 26, 2020

Volume Two

Ten incredible authors come together in this amazing
anthology. All proceeds will go towards those in need during the Australian
Bushfire Crisis currently affecting Australia.
In this limited edition you’ll receive 10 full length novels from the following
incredible authors:
Bella Jewel – Fleeting Moments
Rachel Brookes – Be My Temptation
K.M. Golland – Plight
Carmen Jenner – Towards The Sound Of Chaos
Lesley Jones – Spiralling Skywards
Kate McCarthy – The Biker & The Thief
Kasey Millstead – Cowboy Town
Kate Sterritt – Love My Way
Eden Summers – Hunter
Pepper Winters – Can’t Touch This
All content is recommended for adults over the age of 18+



Custom flatlays provided by She Who Breathes, Reads
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Free in Kindle Unlimited


Custom flatlays provided by She Who Breathes, Reads



Man Crush Monday by Kirsty Moseley~Pre-Order Now~ComingSoon

Title: Man Crush Monday
Author: Kirsty Moseley
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: February 3, 2020
Cover Design: Outlined With Love Designs
Perma-single Amy Clarke prides herself on three things: her pink hair, her Converse collection, and her ability to drink copious amounts of margarita without puking. She isn’t looking for love. She’s perfectly content with her simultaneous love affairs with Netflix and both Ben and Jerry. The trouble is, sometimes, love finds you.
Five months ago, he climbed aboard her train, and nothing has been the same since. Fast-forward to now, she still doesn’t know his name, but she knows she wants his babies.
Her crush—this tall, dark, and handsome dork who gets on her train every other Monday—has no idea he brightens her day with his panty-wetting smile and laugh that makes her pulse quicken.
When a chance encounter outside of workforces them to have their first proper conversation, things quickly go from loving him from afar to up close and very personal. With a string of disastrous exes in her past, has Amy finally found her Mr. Perfect? Or does fate have other plans?
A new stand-alone romcom from Kirsty Moseley, best-selling author of The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window and Nothing Left to Lose.
Kirsty Moseley has always been a passionate reader since she was a little girl, devouring books overnight, barely sleeping and paying for it at school the next day. Writing has come similarly to her and once she discovered Wattpad, she finally plucked up the courage to post one of her stories. Seven million reads later, she self-published her debut novel THE BOY WHO SNEAKS IN MY BEDROOM WINDOW, which later became one of 10 Finalists for the 2012 Goodreads’ Choice Awards, Best YA Fiction. Shocked and overwhelmed by the response, she published her second novel ALWAYS YOU a few months later and hasn’t looked back. 
If she had to sum herself up in one word, it would probably be ‘daydreamer’ – but unlike most of her school teachers, she doesn’t necessarily view that as a bad thing. After all, she read somewhere once that books are like waking dreams….
She lives in Norfolk, England with her husband and son.


MANTRUM by Jacob Chance

Author: Jacob Chance
Genre: Romantic Comedy Standalone
Release Date: January 10, 2020
Cover Design: Sybil Wilson/Popkitty Design

Mantrum: An emotional outburst or an expression of anger by an adult man.
I’ve never understood the attraction women have for an alpha male, until I meet single father, Rex Winters.
Tall, chiseled, and persistent, he tries to avoid a parking ticket by asking me out to dinner. But I know men like him. He’s a repeat offender–habitually getting into trouble and always ready to sweet talk his way out of it.
But his charm won’t work on me.
Not when he’s the reason I’m forced to attend a six-week anger management class. And especially not when I find out all six feet two inches of Rex and his two hundred pounds of sexy muscle will be joining me every single time.
It doesn’t matter how much he flirts, or how attracted to him I am. I’m the girl who enforces rules for a living and he’s the guy who breaks them.
Do opposites really attract?
I guess we’re about to find out.
‘What is it about Rex that makes it impossible for me to dislike him,no matter how hard I try?’~Danika

The blurb gives enough away as to the concept of this new Rom-Com story,so not to spoil for other’s what I will say is that once again,Jacob has written a very well thought out,detailed story,introducing new character(s) with the potential for more!

I really enjoyed how there was a gradual build up to how Rex (38) and(35yr old) Danika’s relationship developed,told in DUAL POV’s it had many laugh out loud moments,especially the conversations between Danika and her friends (Violet,Roxanne) and Rex with his (younger) brother’s (Adam,Larsen),and how he was with his Daughter Ruby (14).
There is a bit of drama towards the end,(again no spoilers given) and a great Epilogue that I absolutely loved!
Jacob Chance grew up in New England and still lives there today. He’s a martial artist, a football fan, a practical joker and junk food lover.
A writer of sports romcoms and romantic suspense, he plans on providing you with many more stories.