Sex, Snow and Mistletoe by Laura Barnard (4*)

Melinda is already having a crappy Christmas. Forced to attend some snotty bitch’s wedding is not the way to start out the holidays.

But when a car crash pushes her into the path of a handsome stranger she’s glad to follow his snowy, sexy and seductive path.

But is he too good to be true? And will she make it to the wedding before her best friend loses her mind with worry?

Sex, Snow & Mistletoe (A Short Story)

This is a short,steamy read from one of my favourite author’s,and I hope we will get more from these character’s in the future!

Melinda’s on her way to a friend of a friend’s wedding and due to the snowy weather gets in an accident on her way.Enter the very handsome stranger who comes to her rescue,who it turns out,is on his way to the same wedding!One thing leads to another and..Hello…hotness in the back of his car!!.There is,as with all this author’s work an element of humour and I did find myself laughing out loud at the banter between them.

The morning after sees them reaching their destination,the identity of the stranger(has she actually slept with the Groom???!!) it really is a funny,hot,quick enjoyable read and I really hope to get more from them.(no pressure Laura…Honest!)


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