Irresistible Deceptions by Mackenzie Crowne (5*)

Irresistible Deceptions released November 9th.

Irresistible Deceptions

 Irresistible Deceptions

After five years on the run, Nicky Guimond Everson’s location is exposed, and she’s forced to come out of hiding to keep her son safe. Wary and suspicious, she’ll have to trust a stranger if she is to bring her illegal-arms-dealing ex-husband to justice once and for all. But resisting the arrogant but sexy security specialist isn’t as easy as she first thought.

For Rhy McLean, the mission comes first. The job is his only love, but as he works with Nicky to catch his brother’s killer, her strength and loyalty melt the ice encasing his heart. She’s not at all the woman he expected her to be. But Rhy has a dark secret he’s been keeping from her and everything is at risk if she finds out.

ARC received from Netgalley in exchange for honest review.

Nicky is on the run from her ex-husband who is hell bent on finding her and doesn’t care what lies he has to tell or who he has to hurt in the process.
Rhyder is the man hired to protect Nicky and her son but comes to her with some preconceived notions about her character and is somewhat cold towards her in the beginning.
Forced to spend time with her, Rhy soon realises Nicky is nothing like he imagined her to be and starts to question everything he has been told. Soon he is fighting the pull of the loyal, strong but vulnerable woman in his care.
Nicky, having been on the receiving end of his initial misconceptions, wants nothing to do with Rhyder McLean and is determined not give in to her overwhelming attraction to him.
This is an action packed, plays like a movie in your head adventure with some heart felt moments thrown in, for instance, the bond which grows between Rhy and Nicky’s son is beautiful, especially given Rhyder’s heartbreaking past and the chemistry between them is evident leading to some sizzling moments.
I found myself picking up my kindle at every available opportunity to get back into their world and find out what was going to happen and I will definitely be adding more of Mackenzie Crowne to my TBR.


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