Jason’s Fall (The Rift 1) by Jason Lee Hard (4*)

All those years acting as a tough straight guy are thrown away when Jason finds himself enjoying wet dreams about a chiseled, strong man who shows him how sinfully good sex between two men can be.
Jason begins to question his sexuality due to those evermore-recurring dreams that seem to be so real. His questions are answered on the day he meets Blaine, the stranger in his dreams who, in reality, is an irresistible and tempting demon.
This surreal revelation is the beginning of a life-changing journey where Jason discovers his true self, while stumbling upon a whole new dark underworld.
Jason finds himself in the middle of a colossal battle between angels and demons, while fighting one of his own: coming to terms with his sexuality.
WARNING: This book contains explicit scenes of consensual sex between men as well as some graphic language. It is intended for a mature, adult audience.

Jason's Fall

Jason’s Fall (The Rift Book 1)

This is the fourth book from this author I’ve read,and I think it has great potential-it is a quick read with a cliffhanger ending,but I eagerly await the next part!

As far as Paranormal reads go,I haven’t read a great deal,but I liked the idea of this,it is well written and adding the M/M element made it hotter and the scenes do well to reflect that.

Jason’s been dreaming of a mysterious stranger who takes him as never before-thus questioning Jason’s whole existence. When the fantasy becomes reality,it starts Jason on a journey to something he didn’t think possible.

“I was consumed by a lust I’d never experienced before and was in dire need of….of something I didn’t know exactly what,but I had an idea,a fleeting thought.I wouldn’t dare utter,although it was a battle I was quickly losing…”

There is something else coming,and again I was hooked and am interested to see where the story goes,hoping we do not have to wait for long to find out!


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