Changing The Player by Jacob Chance

Title: Changing the PlayerAuthor: Jacob ChanceGenre: Sports RomanceRelease Date: April 23, 2021

FlynnYou know that voice in the back of your head telling you not to do something? Well, I don’t have one, at least not one that functions properly. Mine eggs me on, daring me to do my worst.Which is how I’ve found myself in my current situation—on the verge of being traded from my team.Coach gave me one last chance to prove myself, so I begged my agent, Nadia, to help me out.
NadiaWhen I suggested Flynn find a woman to “fake date” as a solution to his image problem, I never imagined he’d want me to fill that position.As his agent, I already had my hands full trying to keep him in line. But when he made an offer too good to refuse, I found myself accepting.Now I’m committed to spending two months in the bad boy of football’s company. His very attentive company.He smells like sin and looks like every woman’s fantasy come to life. How many stolen touches can I endure before I’m begging for more?I’m supposed to be changing the player, not falling for him.


The first in a new football series, a bit of a spin off from the previous Boston Terrier’s series, this features Flynn (27) who alongside his best friend Darren have made it into the NFL, living their dream yet for Flynn, his conduct off the field has become a cause of concern for the team’s owners, and given one chance to change things, and as the blurb states, his agent Nadia(35) is the answer. A ‘fake relationship’ with an added ‘older woman/younger man’ concept. So to not go into any great detail as to how it all unfolds, all I will say is that once again, Jacob has created a story that is well written, with DUAL POV’s, great attention to detail, introducing new characters with some old favourites, some witty banter, a good mix of sports detail along with a slow burn element to the romance that gradually develops from fake to real. I really enjoyed it, and look forward to reading more!

Jacob Chance is a New Englander. Born and raised in Massachusetts, he still lives there today. He is a bestselling author of twenty-seven novels, writing romantic suspense, romantic comedies, and sports romance. He is also half of the male-female writing duo, Remy Blake, who write short, steamy stories with insta love/lust and a side of taboo.

Jacob is a huge football fan, especially of the New England Patriots. He is also a martial artist and self-proclaimed practical joker.
When not writing or working his day job, Jacob enjoys reading, hanging out at the beach, and eating as much bacon as he can.



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