Out Now: ROPED by Remy Blake

Title: Roped
Author: Remy Blake
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: June 13, 2018

When my advertising business secured the client of my dreams, I never imagined how life changing it would be. Instead of suits, spreadsheets and business dinners in the city, I’m forced to spend four weeks out west, as research, experiencing ranch life firsthand.

Harry Welker the owner of King Ranch, vacation spot to the rich and famous wants me to get my boots muddy, and my hands dirty. And by dirty, I don’t think he meant with his daughter Blair; exploring every inch of her irresistible body. In the hayloft or the cow pasture or the….. you get the picture.
What started out as a one time thing has turned into so much more and we’re running out of time. When this job ends will I return home or remain here with my heart?

The book blurb gives enough away as to the concept,so I won’t give too much away,but what I will say is that this story held my attention from start to finish,and that is all down to the writing skills of this Author Duo (Jacob Chance/Marley Valentine) . Told in Dual POV’s ,the chemistry between Chase and Blaire is evident from their first meeting,leading into some witty banter back and forth,before lines are crossed and the things heat up!
There are also some cameo appearances from the previous books (Clipped/Timber) with Wes,Avery,Magnus,Lucy and Jeremiah which I particularly loved.
All in all this was an enjoyable,funny,HOT,with great attention to detail story,and I look forward again to see what this Author Duo come up with next.



Remy Blake is a male and female author duo, comprised of Jacob Chance and Marley Valentine. Pairing up to have some fun, they write steamy, short reads, with insta love/lust, an occasional side of taboo and a guaranteed HEA. You can expect twice the debauchery in every book they write.
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