*Bane by D H Sidebottom*


Title: Bane

Series: Memphis #1

Author: D H Sidebottom 

Release Date: January 31, 2017








Milly Evans has been PA to the head of Sparrow Towers for over eight years. And Milly loves her job. Her boss is the most affectionate and compassionate man she’s ever known. Geoffrey Sparrow’s high profile status and company prestige never changed the old man, and with his and Milly’s love for his respected company, their relationship gave them both something to cherish in the workplace and build an even better future for themselves and all Sparrow’s employees.


That is until her boss is brutally murdered and Milly witnesses the whole horrifying ordeal.

And then everything changes.


Warne Industries has been trying to snatch Sparrow Towers for months, their snide underhand ways not once swaying her much loved boss.

And now they are quick to move in and take what they always wanted – Milly included.

Yet, one of the CEOs of Warne Industries who had been hiding behind the anonymity of his partner turns out to be the best friend Milly had left behind years ago, Rik Bane. However, everything she used to love about Rik is gone, and in his place is an arrogant and cruel man, a man Milly no longer recognises.


His new ways, his coldness and the way he sneers down his nose at Milly give her many reasons to flee her new employers. Yet, driven by her love for Geoffrey and his resolve to create a traditional company, Milly is determined to stay and make sure his lifetime’s commitment isn’t torn to shreds and fed to the lions’ piece by piece.


Now Milly’s past, her secrets and the lies she had told to protect herself and everyone around her is suddenly about to blow wide open.

But when it surfaces that Milly is a witness to her boss’ murder, she’s soon running for her life, and the only man that can help her stay alive is Rik.


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She dropped heavily onto the inflatable chair and I bit

my lip to stop the loud laugh when she bounced off to the side and collided

with the wall, her forehead thudding on the thin tin keeping the shack


“Fuck!” She giggled, clasping at her brow. Then came the

silly grunt I had so fucking missed. Her bright eyes found mine and we were

both laughing so hard that she held onto her side to stop the cramp.

“There’s a fucking YouTube moment,” she howled as tears

streamed down her face. There was only Esther Dean that could have me aching

with sadness one moment, and in the next, rolling around with laughter.

“Jesus bloody Christ,” I snorted. “I’ve changed my mind;

you’ll get my team killed!”

Taking a deep breath and wiping her tears, she righted

the chair and gingerly sat down, her giggle still making me chuckle. “Oh dear,”

she sniffed, attempting to curb her laughter. “Right, sorry.”

Shaking my head, I grinned at her. “Fuck, you’re so


Any hilarity that was left evaporated so quickly the air clawed

at my throat. She gazed at me, her eyes soft and sparkling as my words hung

heavy between us.

“At least think about it,” I snapped, shifting quickly to

prevent the need to grab her by her throat and kiss her until we both got lost

in one another.

I didn’t wait for her reply, and I jolted when the

caravan door slammed shut behind me.





‘You belong to me Ester,You always did and You always will’ (Rik)
‘Where did you go Little Legs?(Rik)

I was privileged to receive an ARC of this and,as I had no doubt it would be,it was AMAZEBALLS!
Right from the Prologue,I was hooked! Move on 14 years, Milly(Ester) as the blurb tells enough- told in DUAL POV’S... along the way there are twists and turns,secrets and lies,head turning revelations leading to OMG moments,character’s that seasoned D H Sidebottom fans will love,along with the HOT scenes with Rik and Ester(Milly) and an Epilogue that at the end had me smiling,and added anticipation for what’s next to come in this series.
I really haven’t gone into much more detail,as I feel it would spoil it.I’d say just read it for yourself!

RHR Rating 5*/5



About the Author



D H Sidebottom is a full-time mum/author.

She lives in Derbyshire, England with her children, three crazy dogs, a couple of cats and her pet rat who keeps her company in her cave.


She is an avid reader and her tastes range from horror to erotic, but she loves to help new

authors get into the ‘scene’. She has an obsession with the name Frank and can never work on just one book, usually writing 2 or 3 at the same time.


She loves rock music and tattooed guys, and has a weakness for coffee, wine and Belgian buns.


Dawn is currently busy in her cave working on several books.




Series by D H…


Heart of Stone/Nsc,


Room 103,


Blue Butterfly,


Judgement 8,




Tainted Angels (paranormal),










Night Fires.




Co-author (with Ker Dukey) of The Deception series and the dark stand alones


I See You and Lost.


Co-author (with Andie M.Long) of The Bunk Up.


Co-author (with Rebecca Sherwin) of Binary Code




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