A Heaven Hill Christmas by Laramie Briscoe

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The Heaven Hill Christmas Boxset brings nine different novella’s in one volume.

1. Liam & Denise
2. Tyler & Meredith
3. Jagger & Bianca
4. Layne & Jessica
5. Steele & Christine
6. Rooster & Roni
7. Drew & Charity
8. Mandy & Dalton
9. Tatum & …….

Each novella will be around 15K-25K in length, and the last one sets up the spin-off series featuring the children of Heaven Hill members!





This set of novella’s is a must for Heaven Hill Fans,giving us all updates on our favorite couple’s from the original series,and a look at what’s ahead for the next generation,with Tatum and Remy.
As the author states at the beginning,these novella’s are in no particular order,but for me it was no issue,as I loved each one. Some were only a few chapter’s long,in a seasonal time for each(obviously being the Christmas novella’s) but in all,there was the focus on how they were with each other,sometimes struggling with what life had thrown their way-be it deadline’s on a book/kids and work issues/insecurities on relationships/a Christmas Wedding,etc,there are some very steamy scenes which show just how much each couple’s true feelings and love are what hold them together….and then there is Tatum and Remy,their’s will be a story that no doubt will have its share of angst before they reach their HEA! (can’t wait to read more from them)

A few quotes that stood out to me from each are as follows:
(Layne and Jessica)
‘Do you trust me?’-Layne….’With everything’-Jessica
(Steele and Christine)
‘I like it when you lose control and you do all the things I want you to do to me.I love when you let us be exactly who we are to one another.I trust you’-Christine
(Jagger and Bianca)
‘Nothing could have made them more in love with each other than they were at this moment’
(Liam and Denise)
‘I don’t regret anything I’ve done either.I’d go back and do it all again if I had to.My life would be so boring,so dead without all of you in it.I hadn’t realized how lonely I was’-Liam
(Dalton and Mandy)
‘All that matters at the end of the day is she wears my ring and has my last name’-Dalton
(Tyler and Meredith)
‘These moments were more than she’d ever hoped or prayed for,and they were all thanks to the love that she and Tyler Blackfoot shared’-Meredith
(Rooster and Roni)
‘You always pull me back in when I start going a little off the rails’-Roni
‘It’s my job….besides,angry make-up sex is some of the best sex ever’ he chuckled.-Rooster
(Drew and Charity)
‘Then prove it to everybody else,but Babe,I’m your husband.I’m your partner in life.Share in with me,and prove those F***ers wrong’-Drew
(Tatum and Remy)
‘But you don’t see me Remy…Please see me’-Tatum
‘I see you……’-Remy

Looking forward to Tatum and Remy’s story!
Reviewed for ROCK HARD ROMANCE by Vicki RHR Rating 5*/5

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