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Title: A Cowboy Wedding in Scotland
Series: Stetsons and Kilts
Author: Em Taylor
Release Date: 20 October 2016
Louise was pleased when her friend found love with the
cowboy turned viscount, Cole Macallan eighteen months ago. Really pleased.
She’s even helping her now pregnant friend to plan her wedding, even if Rhona
is a bit of a Bridezilla. So it’s no bother to go to Glasgow Airport to pick up
Cole’s brother, Jake and bring his back to Strathdougal. But that’s where the
perfectly laid scheme goes agley – to quote Robert Burns.
A first kiss before they’ve been introduced, Jake’s
oversharing about his disability and an argument about a suitcase means their
friendship doesn’t get off to the best of starts. But when a flood at the hotel
threatens the wedding Jake and Lou have to put their growing attraction aside
and work together to save the wedding and stop Bridezilla from finding out and
losing her mind completely.
Can Jake and Lou really forge any kind of
relationship? A cowboy with a below-knee amputation and a Scottish accountant
with a quick tongue and bad habit of speaking without thinking? Can a cowboy
lose his heart to a girl who’s afraid to be wrangled?
Also available in this series:
American Cowboy in Scotland
Rhona Lorimer waits for her new boss to arrive, she reckons things can’t get
much worse. The manager of the Scottish estate has to explain to her new
American boss that the estate is in ruins and there’s no money left.
the drop-dead gorgeous cowboy turns up in full Highland regalia, looking like
he fell off a shortbread tin, Rhona knows she has her work cut out. The locals
don’t take to Lord Cole Macallan, so Rhona feels obliged to show him
hospitality. But the guy is hot.
Rhona fight her feelings for her new boss as their worlds collide and they
discover just how much Scotland and America are two countries divided by a
common language… but brought together by mutual passions?
the Author:
Taylor lives in a small cottage in a small village in Scotland near to a small
castle. You’d think she was visited daily by handsome men in kilts but sadly
it’s only spiders than seem to invade her home. When she’s not writing about
sexy dukes, vampires and cowboys, she’s knitting, going to sci fi conventions
and generally getting up to mischief.
Website: emtaylorromance.weebly.com
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