Binary Code by Rebecca Sherwin & DH Sidebottom




Binary Code



Binary: Relating to, composed of, or involving two things.
Code: A system of words, letters, figures or symbols used to represent others, especially for the purposes of secrecy.

Everything comes in twos. His and hers. Mine and yours. Love and hate. Life and death. The world is made up of pairs.
So what happens when the line is blurred, when the rules we use to define our lives become…skewed?
What happens when the rules are broken? His and hers becomes his, hers and…theirs. Mine and yours becomes mine, yours and ours. Love and hate become love, hate and conflict. Life and death become a battle, an infinite number of risks swinging on a pendulum.

Carter cracked my code. He dug deep into the genetics of who I was and he rewrote every moment of my life. He forced his way in, reshaping every thought in my head, manipulating every instinct that kept me alive.
Yet, in doing so he altered the structure of his own code and broke every single rule he lived by. He was the encryption I couldn’t decipher, and I was the mystery that finally forced him to reveal exactly who he was.

This book contains adult themes, including M/F/M


I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review


From the Prologue,I was sucked into this story,which to be fair,is as the warning states at the start, a MIND-F*** of a tale! As a fan of DH’s work,I was prepared for certain elements to crop up,but,this collaboration between both DH Sidebottom and Rebecca Sherwin,has BLOWN ME AWAY,leaving me with a WTF have I just read and oh I WISH THERE WAS MORE TO COME!!!

I am not going to go into great detail,as even the slightest hint would act as a spoiler-but I will say this story,told in alternating POV’S has twists and turns throughout,and just when you think you have it all worked out…BOOM! MIND-BLOWN!

This is all down to the writing,the flow of the story moves well,character’s are well thought out,the detail(s) given are enough to grip you,and make you carry on – yes some of it is dark,with some sensitive subject-matter,which some might find upsetting (again I refer to the warning at the start) but I would urge the reader to continue until the Epilogue,and be left speechless and amazed by the work these two author’s have created.

Congratulations Ladies,You are both awesome,a little bit sick and twisted,but it makes for a great duo,and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!

Reviewed  by Vicki RHR Rating 5/5*

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