This complete collection of The Billionaire’s Obsession includes:
Mine For Tonight
Mine For Now
Mine Forever
Mine Completely
Down on her luck, nursing student and full-time waitress Kara Foster
gets a massive blow to her already desperate financial situation that
will surely find her living on the streets. Needing nothing less than a
miracle to save her, Kara gets rescue from an unknown, unlikely and
overwhelming source. Billionaire Simon Hudson makes her an offer that is
impossible to refuse, but terrifying to accept from a man that she’s
never met. Will the handsome, alpha billionaire really be a solution to
her problems, or will he end up being a major complication and a danger
to her emotional sanity?
Reclusive billionaire Simon Hudson
would rather be behind a computer creating computer games than rubbing
elbows with the elite and he knows exactly what he wants…until he
meets Kara Foster. Something about Kara touches Simon in ways he’s never
experienced and definitely doesn’t like. For over a year, Simon watches
over Kara, but stubbornly refuses to admit his desire to possess her,
not even to himself. But when she ends up in a situation that could very
well be her destruction, Simon steps up to help her, not realizing that
in saving Kara, he might very well be salvaging his own soul.
(This is a erotic romance. It contains graphic language, very steamy love scenes and lots of emotion.)
Bonus story one – Helen’s Secret Admirer
do you want it to be?” asked Helen’s daughter-in-law and friend, Kara
Hudson, as they sat drinking coffee in one of the booths at Helen’s
restaurant. Maddie Hudson, Helen’s other daughter-in-law, sat next to
Kara wearing the same curious expression.
Today was the big day,
the day that her secret admirer finally revealed himself. Helen had
been waiting for a long time to find out who had been sending her
mysterious deliveries of flowers, candy, and other whimsical gifts, all
with romantic little notes that sent her heart fluttering with delight.
Never having had a true romance in her entire life, it was exciting.
But she really couldn’t think of any man in particular she wanted it to
be.  Well…she could, but it wasn’t realistic. It was a secret she kept
close to her chest, and had never revealed to a single soul.

fifty-six years old.  I’m about to become a grandmother twice over, and
I’m acting like a teenager.  I have no business fretting over a secret
admirer at my age.  Like any man is that crazy about me?  More than
likely, they want to get closer to my billionaire sons.

sighed softly before answering.  “I don’t know.  It could be anyone.”
She met single men her age or older every day, but most of them were
just acquaintances, men she socialized with when she attended charity
functions or who she chatted with here at her restaurant.  Most of them
were charming, a characteristic that she’d found came pretty naturally
to the majority of wealthy men.

“But you must have some clue.
Or someone you really hope it turns out to be,” Maddie said excitedly,
her hazel eyes dancing with enthusiasm.

Helen looked across the
table at Simon and Sam’s wives, two women who had become more like
daughters than “in-laws” to her as she answered, “Maybe the mystery was
better than the actual truth will be,” she admitted, knowing that she’d
been flattered from the very beginning because of the romantic
attention. She’d never had that kind of admiration before, and it was
heady, even at her age.  Sam and Simon’s father had been pure evil, a
man who had forced himself on her when she’d been eighteen and naïve.
She’d ended up pregnant and married to the devil, trying her best to
raise her boys to grow up be different men—better men—than their
father.  And had they ever!  Her sons had far exceeded even her wildest
expectations, in both ambition and heart.  Thank god!

woman couldn’t ask for two better sons, and the two women sitting across
from her had completed both her sons with their love, made them happy.
What more could she want than that?  She finally even had grandbabies
on the way. Her boys were happy, settled, and her life should be
complete, and yet…

“You have a right to find your own happiness,
Helen.  You’ve lived for your boys all of your adult life,” Kara told
Helen softly, reaching out to squeeze the older woman’s hand.  “You’re
still young and beautiful.  And you have enough energy to wear Maddie
and I both out just by watching you.”

Helen squeezed Kara’s
hand.  “You’re both pregnant.  I can’t say it would be difficult to
outrun you right now,” she answered with a smile at both younger women,
Kara’s huge belly hidden underneath the table.  Maddie wasn’t showing
yet, but she was experiencing symptoms of early pregnancy, including

“You wear us out when we aren’t pregnant,” Maddie replied adamantly.  “We just want you to get your chance to be happy.”

am happy,” Helen answered defensively.  How could she not be happy?
Her sons had made sure she wouldn’t want for anything.  They hadn’t been
pleased when she’d wanted to work for a living by owning her own
restaurant, but they’d given her what she wanted.  Honestly, much more
than she even wanted.  She made a very good living with her restaurant,
but her boys always thought more was better.  So they never stopped

“I think it’s Michael,” Kara said, a dreamy look in her
eyes.  “He’s been coming around for years.  He’s always had a thing for

blushed and pulled her hand away from Kara’s, raising her coffee cup to
her face to hide her flushed complexion.  The problem was, she did
wish it was Michael, but it wasn’t possible.  “He’s eight years younger
than I am, handsome and very eligible.  He just comes around for advice
on raising his girls.  We’re just friends,” Helen said abruptly, her
red face hidden behind her mug, taking another slug of coffee, her hand
trembling slightly.
Kara shot Helen an annoyed look.  “He’s
sweet on you.  He always has been.  And his daughters are grown up and
married now.  What does it matter if he’s a little younger?  He doesn’t
look younger than you.  Tell me he still doesn’t come in at least twice a

Helen squirmed in her chair, knowing she couldn’t
actually look at Kara and tell her that.  Kara had been a waitress in
this restaurant for a long time.  She knew Michael was a regular and
probably still was.  “He likes the food.  He doesn’t like to cook,”
Helen replied, wanting desperately to change the subject.

do you want it to be Michael?” Kara asked softly, both her and Maddie
leaning forward to hear her answer.  “He’s wanted to be more than a
friend for a long time”

“He doesn’t,” Helen protested, wishing it
were true, but knowing it wasn’t. Michael had never given her any
indication that he saw her as anything more than a friend, and he was
much too young.  And handsome.  And virile.

“Oh, I don’t think he’s ever
been drawn here by just the food,” Kara answered mysteriously. “Do you
know that whenever he came by and you weren’t here, he’d leave without

“Hmm…doesn’t sound like a guy who just comes by for food,” Maddie agreed, crossing her arms in front of her with a smile.

And I don’t think he’s here for the food today either,” Kara remarked
drily as she scooted carefully to the edge of the booth.  “I think it’s
time to get your sons home and out of here.  They’ve already eaten all
the food from at least one side of the menu.”

Helen had her back
to the door, but she knew Simon and Sam were seated in another booth
close to door, both of them waiting for her secret admirer to show.
“Take them.  It isn’t like I need a babysitter.  I’m their mother.  I’m
in a public place.  My place.  And I don’t want Simon and Sam to make a

Helen knew exactly why Sam, Simon, Kara and Maddie were
here.  They all wanted to see her anonymous male admirer.  Actually, she
had no doubt that her protective sons wanted to do more than gawk at

What if it is Michael?

“It’s not Michael,” Helen said, mostly to reassure herself, keep herself from hoping.  Michael Prescott would never
think of her that way.  He wasn’t a billionaire like her sons were, but
he had a very successful law practice and made a very nice living.
He’d lost his wife when his two daughters were little more than babies
and raised them himself, doing a very fine job with them.

Kara winked at her.  “Keep telling yourself that and you might start believing it until he comes over here.”

stood awkwardly and Maddie hopped out beside her.  Helen peered up at
the two girls, her arms crossed in front of her.  “Are you trying to say
he’s here?” Okay…that was a little disconcerting, but a complete
coincidence. “He just came to eat.”

“Uh huh,” Kara answered in a
disbelieving voice.  “And I suppose he brought that beautiful bouquet
of red roses just to get your opinion on gardening?” Kara said
facetiously, her brow cocked, and a questioning look on her face as she
looked down at Helen in disbelief.

“He has flowers?” Helen asked anxiously, afraid to turn around and look, her heartbeat racing faster.

Michael is here.  It could be Michael.  

“Admit it,” Kara said insistently.  “You always wanted it to be Michael.  You care as much about him as he always has for you.”

Shocked, Helen stuttered, “I can’t.  He can’t.  We…we…aren’t like that.”

“Admit it and we’ll go stop your sons from killing him,” Maddie said with a laugh.

sighed anxiously. “Yes. I admit it. But he’s so caring, so handsome,
so… young. I can’t pursue anything but a friendship with him.”

exactly right for you.  He always has been. Don’t scare him off, Helen.
Michael’s exactly what you need and you deserve a nice guy like him.
And you’re the one he’s always wanted.  Please,” Kara asked in a
concerned voice. “Tell me you’ll give him a chance so I can go keep
Simon from killing him.”

Helen gasped and turned, seeing both of her sons rising to their feet, scowling at Michael.


hadn’t been a time when her heart hadn’t melted every time she saw his
handsome face or wicked smile, and it was no different today.

exited the booth, smoothing out imaginary wrinkles from her pastel
skirt and top, and hurried over to where her sons had just finished
eating their way through the menu, Kara and Maddie on her heels.  “Take
your wives home. They’re both tired,” Helen told her sons sternly,
glaring up at one and then the other.

Her sons frowned at her
and looked at their wives, who were both grinning from ear to ear.  “We
will.  We just want to have a quick discussion with this guy,” Sam said

“You are going home.  Now.  Don’t argue with me,
Samuel.  Take your brother and your wives home. Michael is a friend and I
don’t want you harassing him.” She loved her sons, appreciated their
protectiveness, but enough was enough.  She was still their mother.
Always would be.

Kara and Maddie claimed their husbands and
started pulling Sam and Simon toward the door, both of her sons
grumbling as they went and shooting warning looks at Michael as they

Exasperated by the whole scene, Helen looked around the
restaurant, glad that there were only a few customers who were looking
at them curiously.  “Come to my office,” she told Michael briskly,
walking toward the back of the restaurant. He followed closely behind
her.  Not only could she smell his masculine scent, but she could feel
his presence.  She’d always been acutely aware of him whenever he was in
the restaurant, and today it was even worse.

Could the man who
had been sending her such ardent and romantic notes with his gifts truly
be Michael?  It didn’t seem possible, but her gut said it was, and her
instinct was rarely wrong.

Why?  Why would he do it?

let him enter her office before closing the door behind her, and
slumped against the door, looking up at a grinning, masculine face that
nearly made her melt into a puddle at his feet.  “I’m sorry,” she said
quickly, embarrassed by Sam and Simon’s behavior, her face still rosy
pink with mortification.

Michael Prescott was beyond handsome,
his dark hair cut neatly and showing just a touch of gray at his
temples.  He was tall and fit, dressed neatly in casual slacks and a
polo shirt that stretched across a broad chest.  “No need to be sorry.
You’re their mother.  Single and alone.  They should be protective. I
was more than ready to answer all of their questions. They wanted to
know if I was worthy of you.  Honestly, I’m not.  But I want to be,” he
said in a husky baritone that vibrated through her body, causing her to

Straightening, Helen walked to her desk, her face
aflame.  “So you really are my secret admirer,” she asked, astonished,
sitting on the desk, letting her sandaled feet dangle as she stared at

“Not so secret anymore.  And I’ve always admired you,” he
replied, walking to her and handing her the huge bouquet of red roses in
his hand.

“But we’re friends,” she said desperately, his masculine scent starting to surround her as he moved closer.

“I’ve always wanted to be more than friends with you, Helen.  But your sons are way
my league.  You’re way out of my league. Problem is, I don’t care
anymore.  I don’t want to have to search you out, hoping to find you
here.  I want you to be mine, in my home, close to me.  I want to come
home to you every night and wake up to you every morning.”  He put his
palms flat on each side of her body on the desk, trapping her.  “I want
you, and I can’t wait any longer to have you.  Tell me you’ll give us a

Oh, God.  It was him.  It always has been him.  Michael
Prescott was indeed her secret admirer, and the one man she had
actually wanted it to be.  Never had she had any real hope that her
mystery man would turn out to be Michael…but a woman could dream.  “I’m
older.  You’re younger.  We can’t possibly—“

“We can,” Michael
rumbled.  “The only thing stopping us is ourselves.  I figured that out a
while ago.  I’ve spent years trying to get close to you.  Please don’t
shut me out now.”

Helen glanced up into his emerald green eyes,
her heart racing as she became intoxicated by his masculinity and male
scent.  Michael had always been her friend, his lips readily smiling,
his voice reassuring.  But he wasn’t looking at her like he was her
friend now.  In fact, he looked downright dangerous, but in a sexy way
that was nearly irresistible.

“Why the mystery?” she asked
curiously, looking up a very dear, familiar face that she’d come to
count on seeing often, the face of a man she knew she’d been in love
with for years.  “Why didn’t you just say something?”

“Maybe I
was afraid you didn’t feel the same way.  Maybe I’m still afraid you
don’t.  But I had to do something to get your attention, get you to at
least think about the possibility of getting romantically involved with a
man.  I hope you’re not disappointed,” he said hoarsely, his eyes
boring into hers with an intensity that Helen had never seen before.

looked so vulnerable at that moment that she blurted out the truth.  “I
wanted it to be you.  You’re the only one I was hoping it would turn
out to be. But I didn’t think you felt the same way.”

lips turned up into a delighted grin. “How could you not know? I thought
I was pretty transparent.  I’ve never been able to go less than a day
or two without seeing

Helen sighed.  “You’re young.  Probably too young for me.”“You’re
beautiful and have the energy of a woman half your age.  Try again,” he
said in a low, sexy baritone.  “Tell me you don’t feel the same way I
do.  It’s the only way you’re getting rid of me.  I’ve been telling
myself you’re too good for me for years, but excuses don’t make the ache
go away, Helen.”

“You’re the best man I’ve ever known,” she
replied, jumping to his defense. Michael Prescott would be a man any
woman would want to date.  But he chose her, had apparently chosen her a
long time ago.

Go for it.  The past is in the past.  You know Michael’s a good man.  Start again. Try again.  He’s worth the risk. 

“I couldn’t bear to lose your friendship,” she admitted quietly.

“You aren’t losing me as a friend.  You never will,” he replied confidently.  “But I want to be your lover, too.”

flushed again, the thought of being close to Michael in that way enough
to make her need to crank up her air conditioning and get a fan.  “What
if it doesn’t work,” she whispered.

“It will.  Say you’ll give it a shot, Helen.  Please.  Don’t make me stay lonely without you,” he requested gruffly in her ear.

shivered, his warm breath caressing the side of her neck.  “I don’t
think I have a choice.  I do feel the same way, so I guess I’m not
getting rid of you,” she admitted with a joyous laugh, dropping the
flowers on her desk and wrapping her arms around his neck.

won’t want to get rid of me.  I’ll treat you so good that you’ll never
want to walk away,” he told her sincerely, resting his forehead against
hers, a relieved look on his face.

“I can’t believe you know about my sons and you still want to date me,” she told him honestly.

“We’ll come to an understanding eventually.  They need to know my intentions are honorable.”

“And are they?” Helen asked breathlessly, mesmerized by his incredible smile.

he answered with a laugh.  “I can’t say that I don’t want you, but I’ll
never offer anything less than my whole heart and marriage.”

don’t think we’re ready to talk about marriage, but I do want to give
this a chance.  If I don’t, I’ll always regret it.”  She knew herself,
and she had to give this a try.  “We can date.”

Michael groaned.  “I’ve been waiting for years.”

“We have to see if we’re compatible.”

“You know we are,” Michael argued.

sighed, knowing she’d never be able to resist anything that Michael
wanted for very long, because it was exactly what she wanted, too.
“Being friends and living together is two different things.”

think we should find out,” Michael answered, his irresistible grin
widening. “Don’t be scared. I know what you’ve been through in the past,
but I hope you know me well enough to know I’d never hurt you.”

did know that, and she knew she was done fighting with herself.
Michael Prescott wanted her.  He actually wanted her.  And when she
looked at him, she could see forever in his gorgeous eyes.  And the
vision of their future looked pretty damn fantastic.

No more fear.  No more doubts.  For once in my life I’m taking exactly what I want without being afraid because of my past.  

Her past was gone, and she was staring at her future.


than her sons, Michael had always been the one man who’d been there for
her whenever she needed him.  In truth, she’d trusted him for years.

not afraid,” Helen answered quietly, knowing it was true.  “But don’t
you think you should kiss me first before we talk about getting

“Finally,” Michael groaned, lowering his mouth to hers
and doing just that until she came away breathless, and any doubt about
compatibility, along with any rational thought, was completely gone.

never stopped sending anonymous gifts with romantic notes, and they
made Helen even happier because she knew exactly who had sent them.  And
she knew they were sent with love.
Bonus story Two – Maddie’s Secret
One Summer Evening in July:“I
think Mom has a boyfriend,” Sam Hudson stated bluntly to Maddie as he
walked intothe kitchen and dropped his briefcase on the table.

turned around from the dinner that was simmering on the stove and
smiled at her husband, chewing on her lip just a little as she saw him.
She wondered if there would ever be a day that his heart­stopping,
handsome face and masculine presence wouldn’t send her heart into
overdrive. Every time she saw him, she wanted to drop her panties and
jump on him. Even after a long day at the office, and just a little bit
rumpled, her husband looked delicious in a suit and tie, his blond hair a
little mussed, probably because he’d just run a hand through it from
the frustration she could see on his face.

“And that would be a
problem…um…why?” Sam didn’t look the least bit happy about the fact
that his mother had an admirer, a fact that she’d already been aware of
and hadn’t had a chance to mention to Sam. She’d just had coffee with
Kara and Helen a few days ago, and she knew about the flowers, gifts and
romantic notes Helen had been receiving. The older woman had been
flustered, but she looked like she was glowing from the attention.

came to her, wrapping his arms around her waist and moving her away
from the stove, her ass hitting a cupboard behind her. “Because she’s my
mother and she isn’t really sure where they’re coming from. It could be
some nut job or a crazy stalker.”

Maddie pushed on Sam’s broad
chest, lifting an eyebrow at him as she met his gaze, trying not to let
herself fall into his gorgeous eyes. “Just because she’s your mother
does not mean she can’t have a beau. If anyone deserves happiness, it’s
her. And I doubt very much that a stalker or a nut job would send such
thoughtful, respectful notes trying to court her.”

Sam looked startled. “You knew about it? And you didn’t tell me?” His surprised look turned into a frown.

I just found out a few days ago and your mom looks happy. You and Simon
need to leave her alone unless something inappropriate happens. This
man obviously adores her and you don’t need to ruin it for her,” Maddie
admonished him. “And I haven’t had a chance to tell you. We’ve been
occupied the last few evenings.” Honestly, her husband had been
insatiable. After returning from an overnight business trip a few days
ago, it was like he had to make up for lost time by taking her straight
to the bedroom. Or taking her on the couch. Or in the kitchen. Not that
she was exactly complaining.

“We had to spend nearly forty­eight hours apart. I missed you,” Sam replied huskily, his eyes riveted on her lips.

could tell,” she told him softly, her core clenching at the memories of
the proof of just how much he’d missed her. “Just let things evolve
with your mom, okay? I think it’s all very mysterious and romantic.”

“She’s my mother,” he grumbled.

“She’s also a woman who needs love,” Maddie reminded him.

“Simon and I love her.”

she loves you. But didn’t you still want me? She deserves to be
romanced,” Maddie argued, pushing out of his embrace and crossing her
arms stubbornly across her chest, tapping her foot impatiently, waiting
for her husband to be reasonable. “Let her have this romance, Sam.
Please. For me.” Okay. She was playing dirty and she knew it, but Helen
was so happy, and she didn’t want to see Sam and Simon destroy it.

I hate it when you play that card. You know I can’t say no,” Sam
answered, disgruntled. “But I’m keeping extra security on her to make
sure this guy isn’t a psycho.”

Yep. She knew he couldn’t say no
if she asked him to do something for her. And she rarely used that
tactic because she did know that Sam would do anything for her, and she
didn’t want to prey on his vulnerability. But dammit…this was
important. “Thank you. I’ll return the favor when you want something,”
she told him solemnly, still in awe that this strong, powerful man would
bend to make her happy.

“Sunshine…I do want something,” he
told her with a naughty grin, his hands dropping to the counter,
imprisoning her against the cupboard.

Maddie sighed and placed
her hands on his chest, wanting nothing more than to let Sam have his
way with her, any way he wanted it. But…

“Wait. I have
something I need to tell you,” she answered urgently, knowing she had to
get Sam’s attention before he kissed her. Once that happened…she’d be
a goner.

He straightened up and put his hands on her shoulders, rubbing up and down her arms as he asked, “What is it, Sunshine?”

heart fluttered as she heard the genuine concern in his tone. Sam had
transformed from horny lover to concerned husband faster than she could
blink. Her man was made up of so many layers, every one of them
appealing as hell. No wonder she couldn’t resist him, loved him with
every cell in her body.

She had no hesitation in telling Sam he
was going to be a daddy. She’d planned a nice dinner and wine, imagined
telling him after they had relaxed. But the joy she’d been feeling all
day bubbled up inside her, clamoring to be shared with the man she
loved. “I’m pregnant,” she blurted out, far from the delicate way she
had planned on delivering the news.

Sam’s expression went from astonished…to ecstatic…and then to one of apprehension. “Why?”

smirked, unable to resist her husband’s stunned reaction. Wrapping her
arms around his neck, she reminded him teasingly, “You took the job of
getting me this way pretty seriously. I’m not sure why you’re surprised.
Does Dr. Hudson need to give you a refresher on how a woman gets

Sam let out a whoop and grabbed her around the waist.
Her feet left the ground as he twirled her in a circle before gently
dropping her back to her feet again. “I can’t believe it. Are you sure?”
he asked, his voice vibrating with emotion.

Laughing softly, she
answered, “Sam…I’m a doctor. When I missed my period, I tried not to
get my hopes up. I’m irregular. But I took three different tests, and
they were all positive. So yeah, I’m pretty sure.”

Sam speared a
hand into her hair and lowered his head, resting his forehead against
hers, “Are you happy?” he asked her nervously.

“You know I am.
Sometimes I feel like this is all a dream. You. Us. A baby. I’m so happy
it’s almost frightening,” she answered honestly.

“It’s no dream, sweetheart,” Sam said, stroking her hair lovingly, his hand trembling slightly. “Oh, Christ!”

“What?” Maddie jerked her head back to look at his face. He was obviously upset. “What is it, Sam? You’re scaring me.”

“We had sex, Maddie. Rough, crazy sex. Over and over in the last few days. The baby—”

“It won’t hurt the baby, Sam. Sex is perfectly fine,” she answered with a soft laugh.

“I shouldn’t have been so rough. God, if I’d known you were pregnant—”

you would have known, we still would have had the same
out­of­this­world sex. Sam…our baby will be fine. Trust me,” she
replied, unable to wait a moment longer to kiss him. Jerking his lips to
hers, she buried her hands in his hair and savored the taste of him,
nipping softly at his bottom lip before soothing it with her tongue.

control lasted about a second before he grasped the back of her head
and slid his other arm completely around her waist, bringing her tightly
against him as he ravished her mouth with his tongue, hot and hungry,
just the way she liked it.

After he’d kissed her senseless, he
groaned, pulling his mouth from hers and rested his forehead against her
shoulder. “I hope it’s a girl. She’ll be a beautiful miracle just like
her mother.”

“I honestly don’t care. I just want your baby. Our
baby.” Maddie sighed, her whole body tingling from his kiss and begging
for Sam’s possession. She pressed her body closer, rubbing against him

“Maddie, stop. You know I can’t control myself when you do that,” Sam told her sternly, but his voice was filled with longing.

hoping you won’t,” she told him sensually, sliding a hand down his
chest and tracing the hard lines of his cock with her fingertips.

“If you don’t quit, I’ll have you naked and on your back in ten seconds,” Sam warned her, but his voice was almost hopeful now.

fingers continued to torment him, persistent, her touch becoming firmer
as she smiled up at him. She started counting out loud:


“Are you sure it’s okay?” Sam asked, his desperate eyes meeting hers, his desire and concern appearing to be in conflict.

“Yes. Positive. I would never do anything to harm our child.”

“Fuck. That feels so good, Sunshine.”



Her shirt hit the floor.


Her bra hit the ground.




The shorts she was wearing and her panties fell to her feet at the same time.

Sam picked her up with growl, “Fuck it. I trust you, Sunshine.”

never made it to the bedroom and Maddie never made it to the count of
ten. Sam had her on her back and moaning in record time, right there in
the kitchen.

Dinner burned.

They happily ordered out a few hours later.

Bonus story Three – Handling Simon
Simon Hudson paced his home office, scowling as he stared down at his iPhone.
I’m running a little late. Be home soon.
had sent the text a half hour ago, and she still wasn’t home. Like the
day hasn’t been fucking long enough? Logically, he knew she was probably
safe, on her way home from work. But when it came to Kara, he didn’t
exactly operate with reason. Never had. Never would.
analytical mind took a vacation when it came to his wife. She was his
entire world, and the thought of anything harming her turned him into a
dominant beast that wanted to do nothing except keep her by his side
every minute of every day.
“Why the hell does she have
to work? It’s not like I can’t support her.” His voice was husky,
bewildered. His wife was six months pregnant, and still working
full­time as a nurse at the hospital. And every time she left in the
morning for what he knew had to be a grueling twelve-
hour shift, he panicked, his anxiety level on overdrive until she arrived safely at home in the
she likes to work. Because she’d be bored if she didn’t. Because she
worked hard for her education and wants to use it?” The amused, feminine
reply sounded from the doorway of his computer lab.
husky, teasing voice flowed over him like silk, the tension draining
from his body as he stopped pacing, his eyes raking over her figure in
the doorway with a covetous, possessive gaze.
Mine. My wife.
thought hit him like a sucker punch with a baseball bat to his
chest—one delivered by a major leaguer. Would there ever come a day
where he didn’t find Kara more fascinating and beautiful than he did the
day before? He highly doubted it. He was a lucky bastard, and he knew
Smiling, she moved toward him, and his heart
thundered as she glided closer, his dominant genes urging him to seize
and conquer her. Those desires warred with his need to protect her, to
keep her safe. It was always like that with Kara, but now that she was
pregnant, his protective instincts always won.
She must
have showered at the hospital, and she looked beautiful in a light,
floral, loose­ fitting sundress that nearly hid the swell of her
abdomen. Not for the first time, Simon swore his wife was sexiest
pregnant woman on earth. His cock stood at attention as he caught her
enticing scent, stepping forward to seize her around the waist and hold
her tightly against his body, drowning in her essence, forgetting for
just a moment that he was pissed off at her for coming home late and
scaring the shit out of him.
“You’re never leaving this
house again,” he growled, pulling the clip from her hair and letting
the silky waves flow over his fingers.
“You say that every time I come home,” Kara answered casually, winding her arms around his neck.
mean it this time.” And he did. Completely. He was so not letting her
go to work again. His heart couldn’t take it. “Why were you late? Bad
shift?” he asked curiously, slightly mollified by her nearness and the
way she wrapped herself around him.
“You always mean
it, but you’ll let me go again next time,” she answered confidently.
“Because you love me and you know working makes me happy.”
Why did she always play that card? It was exactly how she got to him
every time. “I’m not weakening this time.” He wasn’t. Absolutely not.
have enough security on me to protect the entire country. And you will
let me go,” she answered softly, her lips grazing over his temple, the
warmth of her breath wafting over his ear. “We had a deal and you’re not
breaking it.”
Oh, hell. What the fuck had possessed him to agree to any deal that entailed her being even the tiniest bit vulnerable?
hands wandered over his chest, meandering around to his back, her nails
lightly raking over the cotton of his old t­shirt. He shuddered and
closed his eyes as her tongue lightly traced the contours of his ear and
cupped his jean­clad ass in her hands, rubbing her lush body sensually
against his, urging his groin against her.
yeah…..that. Damn it. “It’s not working this time, sweetheart,” he
answered gruffly, hating himself for the lack of conviction in his
“I missed you,” she whispered softly in his ear.
deflated. Demolished. Destroyed. The woman in his arms was diabolical
when it came to persuasion. Kara was his greatest joy…and his biggest
Swinging her up in his arms, he told her unhappily, “I want to renegotiate by telephone with at least one room between us.”
laughed lightly and wrapped her arms around his neck as he plunked down
on a comfortable leather sofa with Kara sprawled on his lap. “No deal.
You already agreed to let me work as long as the baby and I are healthy.
And we are. I stopped at the doctor for my check­ up. We’re both fine,”
she told him in a placating voice.
“Why didn’t you
tell me? I would have come with you.” He always went with her. Being in
awe of her pregnancy, he never wanted to miss a thing.
rolled her eyes and gently smoothed back a lock of unruly hair from his
forehead. “It was just a quick check and you grill poor Dr. Shapiro
every time you go with me. Last time we were there for hours.”
“I had a few questions,” Simon answered defensively.
few?” She gave him a sharp, disbelieving look. “It was like you were a
prosecuting attorney interrogating a murder suspect. I’m lucky the poor
woman still wants to deliver our baby.
Okay…maybe he had gone a little bit overboard. But he was concerned, dammit. “I want to go next time,” he said, disgruntled.
won’t leave you out of anything important,” she promised him sweetly.
“It was supposed to be a quick check, but it took a little longer than I
thought it would.”
He looked up at her, his expression
immediately concerned, one hand instinctively covering her distended
abdomen. “Why. Are there problems?”
Her hand covered
his, stroking his fingers. “No. No problems. But I knew you really
wanted to know the sex of the baby and I was being selfish when I said I
didn’t want to know.”
Honestly, Simon didn’t think it
was selfish at all. Kara was absolutely incapable of being selfish, and
although he loved to tease her, the sex of the child she carried inside
her didn’t matter. It was their child, another miracle for him, and he
couldn’t have cared less if the child born because of the incredible
love he shared with Kara was male or female. “It’s not selfish. You want
to be surprised. I’m good with that.” Hell, he was good with anything
that made his wife happy. She was the one who had to go through the
pregnancy and childbirth, a whole process that still terrified the hell
out of him.
“It’s a girl,” she said in a hushed voice,
her eyes round and moist as she met his gaze, her smile tremulous. “I
asked Dr. Shapiro to tell me. I was being hormonal when I said I didn’t
want to know when I had the ultrasound. I decided I wanted to know and
asked her to tell me before I changed my mind again. I want to plan. I
want to buy baby clothes. We’re moving into our new home next month and I
want to decorate the nursery.”
Tears started to spill
from her eyes, trailing down her cheeks in a seemingly endless stream.
“Don’t cry,” he demanded. Damn. He hated it when she cried, and she
seemed to be doing it fairly often since she’d gotten pregnant. “Are you
sure? Are you disappointed?”
Simon’s heart was
hammering, slamming against his chest wall as he wiped the tears from
her cheeks and cradled her head gently against his chest. He stroked her
hair, waiting patiently for her to stop crying. Were her tears good or
bad? He would have thought by now he would know, but her tears destroyed
him completely, and he never had figured out how to tell the
Please don’t let her be disappointed. She wanted a boy.
happy,” she hiccupped against his chest, the front of his t­shirt
saturated. “Did you really think I cared if it was a boy or a girl?” She
pulled her head back to look at him and his breath seized as he looked
into her eyes. “But it does seem that you’re getting your way,” she
mentioned grumpily.
“About damn time,” he grumbled back, rubbing her belly with a tenderness that belied his
“We’re having a daughter, Simon. A little girl.”
felt the baby kick against his palm and he started, grinning as Kara
smiled down at him, glowing with a happiness that nearly stopped his
Leaning her head against his shoulder, she
sighed. “I think having a girl will be wonderful. Two females to equal
out the testosterone overload in the house,” she giggled against his
Two females who will have me firmly wrapped around their little fingers.
But somehow, Simon couldn’t bring himself to really care. Kara had
ensnared him completely, and he would happily walk into his daughter’s
net. He’d gladly be captured if the joy he was feeling was the end
result. “No ganging up on me,” he insisted, pulling Kara tightly against
“No promises.” She straightened, straddling him,
her sundress bunching at her hips as she plastered herself against him,
her core pressed against his burgeoning cock.
groaned as she ground against him, the heat of her seeping into the
denim of his jeans. Supporting her head, he flipped her gently, trapping
her hands over her head as he gently imprisoned her beneath him.
“Promise,” he demanded, keeping Kara at his mercy.
she answered cheekily. “You wanted a girl and that’s what you’re
getting. Mother and daughter bonding is a beautiful thing.”
covered her mouth with his, the flame between them igniting completely
as he tried to tell her everything he felt with his kiss. It was an
embrace of desperate need and a joy so intense he couldn’t express
himself in words. He’d never been good at telling Kara exactly how he
felt—maybe because there truly weren’t any words to explain the intense
They both came out of the kiss breathless.
“Promise me,” he said huskily, no longer certain what he wanted her to
say. Hell, he’d give her anything she wanted, everything she desired, as
long as she never left him.
“I promise I’ll love you forever,” she answered huskily, her lips swollen, her love for him shining in her eyes.
enough,” he answered swiftly, knowing that she was all he’d ever
wanted, all he’d ever needed, and those were the exact words he needed
to hear.
Waves of fierce protectiveness washed over
him, but he didn’t allow those emotions to take him over. He could be a
dominant asshole tomorrow. And he most likely would be insanely
possessive when the fact that he and Kara were having a little girl
really had a chance to sink in.
But at that moment, as
he looked into the eyes of the woman who had changed his entire life
forever, all he wanted to do was love her.
And he did.
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Scott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of steamy
romance. She’s an avid reader of all types of books and literature.
Writing what she loves to read, J.S. Scott writes both contemporary
steamy romance stories and paranormal romance erotics. They almost
always feature an Alpha Male and have a happily ever after because she
just can’t seem to write them any other way!

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