Elysium by J.J. Harper

Elysium (Reunion, #3)




‘I haven’t met someone and fallen in love,I’ve gotten the only man I ever loved back after 10 damn long years,I’ve got my man back‘ (Nico)

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review,having read the previous two books ,I was interested in seeing how Ryan and Nico’s story would go and if they would get their HEA.

This picks up from where ‘Reunited’ finished,Ryan and Nico have returned to where Nico lived.Troy is as ever the ‘Diva’ and is happy for Nico to have ‘his man’ back in his life. There is drama in the form of Lyle (Nico’s ex-well one night stand really),which leads to slight misunderstanding/insecurities coming to light from Ryan’s perspective-which does get resolved fairly quickly-I did feel that throughout the story,Ryan and Nico were ‘at it like rabbits! this book does have a fair bit of very explicit sex scenes-and yes they were HOT,but for me,perhaps one too many,however,it didn’t put me off reading as the character’s are likeable and you do get the feeling that after all the time apart,its simply making up for those years without each other.

Now there is also the matter of a secret from Ryan’s past which does add to the storyline,and from about 75% onwards this comes to light and Ryan has to deal with the situation-there are other characters introduced which are from another series by this author(and as a result I am interested in reading their stories-yet more to add to my TBR list!)
I don’t want to give all that much more as regards to the past of Ryan,as if I did it would give way too much away.

I did enjoy the Epilogue,as it does end well for both Ryan and Nico,and the series as a whole is one that I would and will read again,and that is all down to the writing.

‘You are my heaven,Nico,my nirvana,my Elysium’(Ryan)

Reviewed for RHR by Vicki-RHR Rating 4/5*

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