Back To The Beginning:A Duet by Laramie Briscoe & Seraphina Donavan





An ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

As a fan of the Heaven Hill MC Series,I was especially excited to read this,and also being introduced to another author and series.
Both Novellas are written in such a way that if you were not familiar with these author’s work,you could easily follow the stories along,and entice you to read more!

“Back to Basics-A Heaven Hill Novella”

‘Nothing in this world means more to me than you and our life together.If we need to fix it we will’

This features Liam and Denise Walker,the MC’s President and his ‘old lady’,set four years into their marriage,with daughter Tatum just turned three and Denise’s twins seventeen.With the Club commitments,and family-Liam and Denise’s intimacy/closeness had suffered,so the concept is for them to re-connect without interuptions (cue road trip minus their kids) Once on their way,the temperature rises,with some well written scenes allowing the Alpha male to re-claim his woman! I felt them re-connect and get ‘Back to Basics’.
What was also a nice added touch,was a cameo appearance of another of Laramie’s creations-‘Sketch'(the Tattooist, along with his wife Nina) who provides Liam with more ink!

I loved this novella,and for seasoned Heaven Hill fans it is an added bonus.

“Remembered”- A Duchamps Dynasty Novella
‘We will always be ok,because no matter what happens,I’ll never let you go’

This Novella,I was going in to blind,as I have not read this author/series before.Although I knew nothing of what had happened previously,the writing was such that I could follow easily and as a result I am interested in reading the series.

Vincent and Ophelia are two years into their marriage with a thirteen month old daughter.From the start,we discover a plot of revenge against them,with the drama unfolding quickly,Ophelia’s own insecurities of why Vincent is with her come to a head,but thankfully all is resolved and the culprit dealt with.Again,the scenes of intimacy between husband and wife are well written and for over 18!

I congratulate both Laramie and Seraphina in this ‘Duet’-bringing favourite characters back to existing fans,and adding new ones.

Reviewed for RHR by Vicki RHR Rating 5/5

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