Falling for Matt by James Lee Hard (5*)

After finding his partner in bed with another man, Robert sees his relationship of fifteen years come to a painful end. A distinguished college professor, his whole life had been dedicated to his career and partner, but after his betrayal, Robert spends one year trying to mend his broken heart, too deep in his sadness to even continue his work in the field of nanorobotics.
Everything starts to change when he meets Matt, a twenty-six year old gardener, who at first sight has nothing in common with him. He’s the poster-boy for the masculine: tall, rugged and handsome, mixed with something else, a dash of sweetness and unpretentiousness that leaves Robert intrigued and wanting to know more. At the same time, Robert fears the stigma of their age difference and what people will say about him dating someone younger.
Nevertheless, they find themselves gravitating towards each other, navigating the entangled mess of each other’s lives. Robert’s fear is still alive, though: will he be able to mend his heart, let himself be happy again and trust another man?

WARNING: This book contains explicit scenes of consensual sex between men as well as some graphic language. It is intended for a mature, adult audience

‘He was 39,all alone and didn’t know if he had the strength to rebuild his life’
‘The cute ‘kid’ in his back-yard who made him feel alive for the first time in months’

I was first introduced to this author by a friend,and have read all their previous books, while I enjoyed the stories,some I felt were rushed,with endings left with loose ends-with the exception of his “Rift Trilogy” which,for me,was his best work….that is until reading THIS story!

Falling for Matt: A Second Chance at Love is a story which I quickly got drawn into,and that is all down to the quality of the writing,the character’s and the plot, the intimate scenes are tastefully written (the first being in at about 50% into the book) and are done in such a way as not to be the main focus (they are a very HOT added bonus of course!)

I don’t want to give all that much away of the story,the description gives the reader all you need to get started,but what I will say is that I loved both male leads,Robert and Matt, the side character’s of Harry and Brian,although of course there are -Ted (Robert’s cheating Ex) and Joseph (the teacher out to cause Robert issues)…can’t really say what I thought of them(when you read you will have a good idea!) The story really flows nicely,sweet,hot where it needs to be,some angst added yet an Epilogue that ends happily!

Congratulations James Lee Hard…you have created a beautiful story Thank You

Reviewed by Vicki for Rock Hard Romance..RHR RATING 5/5

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