Slave to the Rhythm- Jane Harvey-Berrick

<br 4* Rockette Rating



Slave to the Rhythm Jane Harvey-Berrick



4* Rockette rating


We all know I’m a Part-time stalker of Jane’s, so it’s probably not a huge surprise I loved this book.

I’ve never taken an interest in Dancers but the way Jane told Ash and Laney’s story has ruined me for the rest. This is much darker than Jane’s other work; it touches on some very touchy subjects and details some hard scenes for some to read.  (The darker areas are, human trafficking and forced oral)

DANCE. Guns.
MUSIC. Bullets.

Music in my head, dance in my body, the rhythm of my heart.

How far can you fall in just one month? How quickly can the human spirit be broken? Where does evil hide in plain sight?

Ash wants to dance. Needs it. To leave behind a life of expectation and duty, to set his soul free.
But life is never that simple. Every step is a journey on a new road.

For every action, there is a reaction.

Every choice has a consequence.

And when you meet the wrong person, all bets are off.

Laney tolerates her limitations, pushing quietly at boundaries. But when Ash crashes into her world through rage and violence, it sets off a chain reaction that neither of them expected

Laney and Ash’s story is an intriguing one. They meet in Vegas (know you know how interesting it’s going to be!) It’s a rather awkward first meeting in a club. Laney has a wheelchair she sometimes has to use and Ash doesn’t notice it and wants a dance.

Ash comes to America under the assumption he will be dancing on a proper Vegas stage but ends up on the wrong side of the Bratva. I won’t go in to too much detail as it will give some of the story away.  Lets just say Ash catches the eye of the 2nd in command and it isn’t pretty.

Laney saves Ash from a very bad situation and basically takes him home with her. Things begin to develop. Laney has a boyfriend that Ash calls ‘prick’ I laughed every time.

I found Ash grated on my nerves a few times but his quick temper and moodiness at the slightest things but I think a lot of it was to do with what he had been through and things getting lost in translation.

There is a certain scene in the theatre which took my breath away and my heart stopped for a few seconds.

Plus its duel POV which redeemed Ash a little in my eyes as we could hear his thoughts rather than go off his actions.




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